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Nike Run Club + SNKRS Cross Platform Consumer Experience


Nike Run Club App + SNKRS Cross Platform Consumer Experience

|| UX/UI | Mobile ||
Tools Used: Sketch + InVision + Photoshop

For this project, I envisioned myself as a part of the Nike Digital Design team. Their vision is to “build and deliver extraordinary platforms, services, and products directly to athletes around the world”. With that in mind, I created a consumer experience that bridges the gap between Nike Run Club (NRC) app users and the SNKRS app users. The goal of this experience is to encourage the “sneaker head” user demographic of the SNKRS app to use the NRC app, and to simultaneously encourage NRC app users to use the SNKRS app to buy shoes they otherwise might not purchase.

This project seeks to deliver an innovative consumer experience across the nike digital marketplace by cross-pollinating between two distinct products.

Click here for link to the InVision project.
Click here to download the Sketch file.

(Passion project)

Key Features

  1. Creating Nike Run Club app Challenges that are connected to the SNKRS platform by way of presale codes (or other SNKRS-related incentives). For example, users who complete “SNKRS Challenges” would be given a presale code for the upcoming SNKRS shoe of their choice. Or, instead of presale codes, users could be entered into a raffle for the shoe of their choice.

  2. A “verified” Nike Run Club app user feature for professional athletes or health and wellness influencers. These users would have added abilities, such as customizing their challenge images, doing giveaways, doing SNKRS challenges to offer presale codes, etc.

  3. Ability to “promote” your challenge through social media.

Defining the Problem and Ideal Outcome

Hypothetical Problem: The overlap between Nike Run Club users and SNKRS users is small. Nike wants to increase that overlap in order to better serve its users so that they have a more holistic experience.

Ideal Outcome: By increasing the touch points with Nike that each user has (i.e. by getting a NRC app user to buy shoes through the SNKRS platform or by encouraging SNKRS users to use the NRC app), we can increase the value that Nike provides to these users and therefore increase the amount of money they’re willing to spend on Nike products. This should serve the users and the business.


Low-Fidelity Wireframing

Before building a high fidelity version in Sketch, I wireframed and designed the flow of the app with pencil and paper.

I included the key features of: verified users, custom challenge images, and promoting through social media.


Designing in Sketch

I used the NRC app and Nike.com to employ Nike’s current design styles in my prototype.

For the “Share to Instagram” portion of the design, I used Instagram’s existing design styles.

The purpose of these high fidelity designs is to show how the multiple platforms (NRC, SNKRS, Instagram) can work together to create a seamless and holistic consumer experience.


Potential Animation for Challenge Page

My thought is that gifs like this could be used for the Nike Run Club app SNKRS Challenges pages. By creating an animated gif that shows all angles of the shoe, not only do you engage the users more by actively catching their attention, but you automatically give them more information about the product. This should increase their desire to own the shoes and further incentivize them to participate in the challenge.


InVision Prototype

This video walks through one of the flows in the design. The user flow seen here is for someone creating a SNKRS NRC Challenge. Obviously, it’s not super high-fidelity since I don’t show the user going through every data input step, but you can get the gist of the UX and UI with this video.