UX/UI Designer

Insurify Home Page Redesign



|| UX/UI Design | Animation | UX Copy ||
Tools Used: Sketch + Illustrator + Keynote

Insurify-Home Page Redesign In Prod SS1 030119.png

My Contributions:

  • Changed the copy to “Compare insurance quotes all in one place. Quick, easy, free.” to clarify that you can compare multiple types of insurance (it was previously just car insurance) and that it’s easy and free to use (aspects that were previously not emphasized). “Free” is a high-engagement, easy to understand word that accurately describes our product, so I thought it necessary to add.

  • I redesigned the monetization component for the multiple types of insurance comparisons now offered.

My Contributions:

  • Designed and animated the scrolling quotes element. This was added in order to give an engaging visual example of what you get when using Insurify.

Insurify-Home Page Redesign In Prod SS2 030119.png
Insurify-Home Page Redesign in Prod SS3 030119.png

My Contributions:

  • Pulling inspiration from Airbnb and other travel sites, I designed the state-specific cards and the scrolling carousel. The purpose was to engage people in these targeted states and to allow people to compare across states, if they were curious.



insurify homepage sketch 1.JPG
insurify homepage mobile sketch 1.JPG
insurify homepage sketch 2.JPG
insurify homepage mobile sketch 2.JPG
insurify homepage sketch 3.JPG


Insurify-Monetization Component Options 1-3.png
Insurify-Monetization Component Options 4-6.png
Insurify-Monetization Component Option 7.png
Insurify-Monetization Component-Option 8.png