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|| UX/UI Design | Squarespace Site Building and Customization ||
Tools Used: Squarespace + Custom CSS

Dr. Moore and I got in touch right after I launched my healthcare-focused branding and web design business, Humm Design. As a naturopathic doctor starting her own private practice at the same time, it felt like a match made in heaven! She needed a fresh brand identity as well as a website, so she hired me for both. She wanted a website that felt warm and inviting and that functionally served as a scheduling and content hub for her current patients, as well as a way for prospective patients to learn about her services and get in touch.

See her website at www.drerinmoore.com

Dr. Erin Moore Website Device Mockup.png



When Dr. Moore and I began working together, the first order of business was for me to understand the purpose of her business and define the goal of the website. To do this, we had an introductory meeting for me to get to know her and where she’s coming from. Then, I had her fill out a survey that asked questions about the purpose of her business, her target demographic, their needs, aesthetic preferences, and what functions she wanted the website to provide.

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To come up with ideas for her website and make sure we were on the same page, I created a shared Pinterest board for her to save websites she liked and didn’t like in addition to notes about specific aspects of different sites she might want to emulate. After gathering inspiration for me to look at and sending over her survey responses, I drew up some rudimentary wireframes, a sitemap, and a content list to go over at our next meeting.



Once we settled on the site structure and necessary content, I went to work building the site in Squarespace and she went to work creating the content. To personalize her site, I injected custom fonts via CSS and embedded scheduling widgets from Simple Practice.

To get everything just right, we had two editing rounds. After version 1 of the site, she took some time with it and sent me feedback that I used to make edits. After which, I sent her version 2 for a final round of edits. Then, we did device testing to make sure everything was responsive and good to go!

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To verify the functionality and responsivity of the site, we tested in on Apple computers, Windows computers, iPhones, and Androids. There were a few formatting issues that had to be fixed to maintain visual uniformity across desktop and mobile devices, but once I fixed those, we officially launched the website!